Lupus Awareness Month

private yoga teacher st petersburg, lupus awareness month

private yoga teacher st petersburg, lupus awareness month


For the month of May, I tried to wear purple to all my classes and talk about Lupus Awareness Month.  It was just a brief description to help raise awareness in my community.  Some of my students helped me out and took some pictures with me to help spread the word.  Here’s a little slideshow of what we did.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  If you have something to share about your efforts for Lupus Awareness Month, please comment or link up.  More information = more awareness.  Bee content!

Here’s a link to the Lupus Foundation of America’s website with a facts sheet.

If you’d like more information about practicing yoga with lupus, read my post on restorative postures for lupus HERE.

For support and the latest research on yoga for lupus, join my Yoga for Autoimmune Diseases Facebook group HERE.

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