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How to do Leg Lifts in the Pool
This video focuses on how to build core strength in aqua yoga. You'll be using the pool stairs to do[...]
How to do Side Leg Lifts in the Pool
Side leg lifts can be done in the pool without the pool steps, but here I'm using them to provide[...]
How to do Triangle Pose in the Pool
  Directions for how to do Triangle pose in the pool Start in a wide legged stance.  Turn your toes[...]
What are the Benefits of Aqua Yoga
If you've never done aqua yoga, you might be wondering what are the benefits compared to land yoga or other[...]
Aqua Yoga Tutorial Videos – March
This week's aqua yoga tutorial shows some of the creativiity you can bring to aqua yoga. This version of the[...]
February Aqua Yoga Tips Videos
February Aqua Yoga Tips Videos These are four aqua yoga tips videos I produced this month.  They're designed to be[...]
How to Adapt land yoga to the pool
It's easy to adapt land yoga to the pool is when you keep a few principles in mind. To adapt[...]
What is Unpredictable Command Technique and How can it be used in Aqua Yoga
Unpredictable Command Technique, UCT, was developed by David Ogden, PT.  He developed these novel techniques to help a client with[...]
Why You Should Practice Aqua Yoga with Arthritis
Why Aqua Yoga for Arthritis? March is Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month started by the Autoimmune Related Diseases Association. For me,[...]
January Aqua Yoga Videos
One of my goals for 2019 is to produce a weekly aqua yoga video to promote awareness about aqua yoga[...]
What Is Private Yoga
What is private yoga? Private yoga sessions are what they sound like.  You select a yoga teacher you have a[...]
How to keep your aqua yoga practice going when you can’t make it to the pool
Here in the northern hemisphere, winter is here with a vengeance and you might be feeling frustrated with your practice. [...]

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