December 5


10 Tips to Sparkle Up Your Yoga Practice for the Holidays

This list originally went to my email list, but I got such positive feedback about it I thought I’d share it in a wider forum.  Clearly, as yogis, we need some sparkly fun in our lives this holiday season.  Here’s 10 easy tips to brighten your practice this holiday.  Enjoy!

Wear the fancy jewelry. You CAN wear the diamond earrings with your favorite mala necklace.

sparkle to your yoga practice

Use glitter nail polish. It lasts much longer, especially in the pool, and it’s fun to look down and see the glint. 

Despite being in the pool so much, OPI will last two weeks with small touchups.

Go out for tea. You probably don’t go to the effort to make those tiny sandwiches every day. Indulge.

sparkle to your yoga practice

Add some glitter to your bubble bath. There’s no reason self-care can’t be bright.Use the good dishes everyday. Why not drink water out of your finest crystal?

sparkle to your yoga practice

Buy a new practice journal. It’s easy to overlook buying gifts for yourself but a new journal will help you meet your goals for the coming year. 

I bought this one for myself.

Write your Christmas cards with glitter ink. An actual handwritten letter is so special these days, why not add some sparkle.

sparkle to your yoga practice

Go for a night time walk around your neighborhood. Relish in the Christmas lights and decorations.

sparkle to your yoga practice

Practice sparkly mindfulness everyday this season. Pause and notice the glitter around you.

sparkle to your yoga practice

Turn all this glitter into a gratitude practice.

Every time you see a sparkle around you, inwardly express some gratitude for all the gifts you have this holiday season.

sparkle to your yoga practice

picture of DIY christmas ornaments on a counter. Ornaments are made out of colored papers with ribbon with the text of a yoga chant on them.

DIY Yoga Christmas Ornaments


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