5 Ways to Start an Aqua Yoga Practice…Even if you don’t own a pool

#1 Just do it!  Even if you own a pool, there are always obstacles.

#2 Practice one or two postures on land to learn the difference of how it feels in your body.

#3 Incorporate visualizations into your movements throughout the day.

#4  Apply yoga philosophy to all aspects of your life.

#5 Work one posture into the beginning or end of an aquatics class.

Applying these five tips to start an aqua yoga practice gets you going but how can you build on it to get some pool time?  Do you know a friend who would let you use their pool?  Most municipal pools have free swim hours for a very affordable fee, can you go there?  Can you join your local Y?  Pick a pool and practice.  You got this.

This short video covers the same concepts with a little more explanation. 

Feel free to comment below with the trick or tip that helped you take the plunge and get started in the pool.

If you need more resources for how to practice an aqua yoga centered approach to yoga philosophy, buy my book, There’s no P in our OOL, using yoga philosophy to transform your aqua yoga practice.

woman in the pool doing side plank pose because she's showing the best resource for water yoga

If you’d like more info about water yoga in general, read The Best Resource for Water Yoga.

woman in the pool doing leg lifts


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