A Year of Abundance

a year of abundance

a year of abundance







The Jewel of Abundance by Ellen Grace O’Brian is a wonderfully clear and concise book about how to lead a richer, more full life with the tools of yoga.

Abundance is available to everyone.  While you might feel that way philosophically, you might not have the tools to get yourself there.  This book lays out multiple different ways to bring more abundance into your life using a yoga practice.

For example, as a yoga teacher, I teach meditation.  I frequently hear how hard it is for people to meditate and it seems intimidating.  Whether clients have trouble with sitting still, or controlling their thoughts, it can be a fraught journey.  An example of how clearly the author breaks down a complex topic is her directions for meditation.  She has four simple steps that anyone can do, and with directions that anyone can follow.  The four steps are four easy to follow F’s:  Foster, Focus, Flow, and Finish.  These four steps are easy as; set yourself up for success, concentrate, relax, and enjoy it.  Super accessible!

Key takeaways from the book to bring yourself a year of abundance in 2019:

  • Obstacles are transient.  Remember this too shall pass.
  • Discipline is not a bad word.  “Spiritual self-discipline is doing what pleases the soul.”  Self-discipline brings you into balance with your inner true nature and that shouldn’t be hard, or work.
  • Self-affirming statements aren’t just blowing sunshine, they bring you back to the present moment.  The present is where we live and every new moment is a place to be abundant.
  • There’s power in repetition.  A mantra based in abundance can shift your attitude.
  • “A grateful heart is a magnet.”
  • True wealth is not about money, but “how capable we are of being a generous, generative presence.”

As a huge proponent of yoga is not just moving our bodies around in space, but living all aspects of our lives with more intention and clarity, I appreciated the book’s simple distillation of complex topics and texts.  It offers a wealth of resources for practitioners at all levels to align their lives and intentions on a path of abundance.

My only small caution with the book is to be a little patient with it.  The author starts with her history and her journey, especially her struggles with bringing abundance to her personal and professional finances.   It was starting to feel like a book about the Law of Attraction and I almost put it down.  I’m not a fan of the Law of Attraction because I don’t think it’s yogic.  It’s passive and lacks personal discipline (tapas).  However, the book is not at all about that, and I’m glad I stuck with it.  If the order of the narrative was reversed, I wouldn’t have reacted that way.  So, like any book, skim the parts that don’t resonate with you and give the parts that resonate your full attention.

An interview with the author, to give you more background.

Create a year of abundance for yourself with a copy of The Jewel of Abundance from Amazon or the publisher.

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