With the release of my book, Water Yoga, in July it was a very busy year in the aqua yoga world. There was so much, it was easy to miss something you would have liked to see.

This is a recap post of the most popular to help you catch up. Here are the top 5 blog posts, top 10 Facebook posts, top 10 Instagram posts and top 5 Pinterest pins.

The most popular aqua yoga 2022 articles:

anatomy graphic showing your psoas muscle in relation to your skeleton. The background is water with the text "Your vital psoas." Below all those graphics is the text "Article for AEA's AKWA magazine."
Photograph of a water drop with the rings radiating out. The text says "Concentric Ripples, swimming pool meditation" to illustrated the water ripples meditation.
A person with their hands uplifted palms open. The hands are filled with shells and the ocean is in the background. The text says, "Mindfulness approach. Which shells are you carrying?"
Graphic with two photos for the article posture when you're in pain. One is a woman standing up straight. One is a woman slouching. The text says "What's your posture like when you're in pain. Shoulder range of motion."
Headshot of Christa Fairbrother as a guest on the peaceful power podcast. She's shown in front of the bay with sailboats. The headshot is like a polaroid floating at the bottom of the pool. The text says, " Peaceful Power Podcast. seasonal aqua yoga." The graphic illustrates the concept of peaceful aqua yoga.

The most popular aqua yoga 2022 Facebook posts:

The most popular aqua yoga 2022 year in review Instagram posts:

The top 5 aqua yoga 2022 year in review Pinterest pins:


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