I’m working on building a library of downloadable aqua yoga audio recordings for my website this fall.  These are excellent for:

  • land yogis who are curious about what aqua yoga is
  • anyone who wants to start a home practice but isn’t sure about how to sequence yet
  • yogis who don’t have aqua yoga classes in their community
  • anyone who wants to take yoga on vacation with them
  • introducing your friends to aqua yoga

Each recording is a dedicated recording of a class sequence I’ve already taught.  You receive excellent sound quality, it’s not a public class with a lot of background noise, and you know others have liked and benefited from the sequences.  Each class recording comes as a mp3 digital download with a PDF of the class sequence.  Mp3 file formats are universal formats that will play on any phone or computer.


This is a sample of the first class I released in the series – One Noodle Aqua Yoga Class


This is a 46 minute aqua yoga audio recording for a 55 minute aqua yoga class. It uses one pool noodle as a prop and takes you through a sequence designed to warm up your spine, improve your balance, and open your hips.   A one noodle class is an excellent place to start, because you have a prop to offer a little security for your balance, but it’s not too much to manage.  You can purchase this Aqua Yoga one noodle audio recording in my store HERE.

watercolor graphic of women doing aqua yoga with pool noodles


Other Aqua Yoga Sequences to Try


aqua yoga, balance, yoga for arthritis

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