December 3


Aqua Yoga – Best of 2020

Even though 2020 was a crazy year and it was harder to get to the pool, I produced a lot of content for you. In case you missed anything, this is a highlight of what was most popular.

How to do Warrior II pose in the pool:

Review of the Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Exercise Training Program

Floating Meditation Tips

Top 3 Instagram aqua yoga posts:

How’s your 2020 starting?⁠
I hope you have lots of aqua yoga goals that with hindsight you’ll say were perfect.⁠
To an aqua yoga filled decade 🙏⁠
Thanks to @amandamckinneyyoga for the gift card which I put towards a yoga resource I’ve been wanting. ⁠

I work with Amanda to bring you the best aqua yoga resources and support.⁠

I won the gift certificate for getting the most email list subscribers to my weekly email list.⁠

I’m thrilled to announce I’m partnering with Mark Grevelding of Fitmotivation to offer aqua yoga videos to people who want to practice and pros who want to offer aqua yoga.⁠

Top 3 Best of Aqua Yoga Pinterest pins

The top 3 Aqua Yoga Facebook posts

Using Barbells effectively to reduce neck, shoulder and elbow pain.
Another tip for using barbells with good form
DIY hack for barbells when you have arthritic hands

Mindful Aquatics Group top posts

I host a group on Facebook about encouraging mindfulness during all aquatics activities.

On Wednesdays I share a short meditation practice. This was the most popular meditation this year.

Salvador Dali melting clocks

Try shifting your gaze to shift your perspective. Move if you have to so you can have a view through a window. Gaze at something as far away as you can see. Hold the gaze for three breaths.Bring your eyes back inside to look at your palms. Look at your hands for three breaths.Shift your gaze to as far away as you can again. While you breathe acknowledge your world includes so many things beyond your sight.Shift your gaze back to your hands. As you breathe acknowledge your world includes so many things you can’t touch.Close your hands to bring your fingertips and palms together at your heart. Acknowledge as you breathe all the things you can’t see and can’t touch, that are still connected by your heart.

On Saturdays I share an inspirational quote and this was the favorite.

Aqua yoga best of 2020 illustrated with a stack of rocks on the beach with the shoreline in the background

Most watched video in the Aqua Yoga Pose Database

Create a free account to watch all the 25+ videos in the database HERE.

If you want to see what the Best of Aqua Yoga was for 2019, you can read that article also, Aqua Yoga 2019.

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