Aqua Yoga Certification

Learn to teach aqua yoga within community

Why teach

aqua yoga

Expand your income

As a yoga teacher,  aqua yoga can reduce the seasonality of your income.  Lots of teachers face student declines during the summer - summer is the busiest season for aqua yoga and expands your offerings to more locations and more people.

Expand who you serve
There's a huge percentage of the population who is not well served by traditional mat yoga - aqua yoga is accessible to them.  Aqua yoga is also kinder on your body to teach as an aquatics professional and expands your offerings.
Expand your skillsets

Working in the medium of water expands your teaching skills and makes you a better teacher of land yoga.  Adding aqua yoga to existing aquatics programs helps you bring in new clients and offer existing clients new classes.


  • 9AM - 5PM each day with pool and classroom sessions.  See a past schedule.
  • Open to any existing yoga/aquatics professional or PT/OT/RT
  • Earn 16 Contact/3 non-contact hour CEU's from Yoga Alliance 
  • 14 contact hours from the Aquatic Exercise Association 
  • There is one partial scholarship available to a BIPOC teacher.  

2024 Schedule

St. Pete Beach, FL

october 12th & 13th

Tuition $525 

7 Slots Available

What You'll Learn

aqua yoga
practices and Props
principles of aquatic exercise
aqua yoga sequencing and teaching skills
floating meditation and pranayama
working with special populations and business skills
applied yoga philosophy

Boost Your Business

Bonus digital content

How to  promote your new certification

Specializing is fantastic but how will you share your new expertise with others?

That's exactly what we cover in this training so you can take your new specialty and not only share your excitement but also showcase your expertise and market your new offerings. We will also cover how to integrate this new specialty into your existing brand.

 With Amanda Mckinney

this course is for you if you've thought...

  • you're a yoga teacher who's started to struggle in your land practice due to injury or health
  • you're an aquatics professional and all the demoing from the pool deck is taking a toll so you're looking for mellower teaching opportunities
  • you want people with arthritis, MS, joint replacements and movement limitations to succeed in your classes
  • you learn best in-person

words from aqua yoga trainees

It's a very well organized training with no time wasted.  The manual is comprehensive and very useful.  Also the instructor is deeply experienced, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and responsive.

Christa's training is comprehensive and well informed.  Her passion is obvious and her willingness to share her experience is helpful.

Christa is extremely knowledgeable about how different land and water yoga is!  This a great forum and excellent training.

What about

I'm already an RYT can't I just teach the yoga

I know in the pool

If you've tried yoga in the pool, you quickly found out

it's harder than you thought.  
Questions that come up a lot are how do I stop floating away, or if you can't do inversions and seated postures,

 how do you fill 45-minutes?
Aqua yoga is very much a combined discipline that has unique teaching skillsets that you'll learn over the weekend.

I'm an aquatics instructor who only teaches HIIT so I'll just add a couple yoga stretches at the end of my classes

Yoga is so much more than just a set of stretches.  People haven't practiced yoga for over 2000 years because they love a good lunge.  They practice yoga to do all 8 limbs, so we will be spending time on practicing and teaching all the limbs to be able to accomplish a complete practice for a mixed-level audience.  You'll be able to teach demanding or gentle aqua yoga.

If it's in the pool isn't really yoga

Nowhere in the yoga sutras does it say you have to practice yoga on a mat.  You need to be committed to following the sutras and showing up in your practice.

 Aqua yoga is 100% in the spirit of yoga; it just uses a different medium to practice in.

New for 2024

training materials mailed 6-weeks in advance

Mailed to you Materials
  • 50 pg. Printed Manual
  • New yoga philosophy book - Waves of Aqua Yoga
  • 1 laminated waterproof sequence
  • My book, Water Yoga, in paperback or ebook format (you can substitute a 2nd waterproof sequence)

Online pre-course materials
  • mp3 audio aqua yoga class
  • Video lectures on yoga philosophy and the science of aqua yoga
  • video of me teaching a live class

Access to exclusive FB group


Are there pre-training materials

What's your refund policy

Do you offer any scholarships

What CeU's do I earn

Are there any recertification fees

About Christa -

I use my 25+ years of yoga practice, my Master's in education and all my teaching experiences to provide you with trainings that are complete, filled with resources, and actionable.  After this weekend you'll have the skillsets and the confidence to teach quality aqua yoga programs to diverse clients in your community.

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contact me

Phone number:  727 418-7623


Christa Fairbrother


Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute Certified

Aquatic Fitness Professional

Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Professional

Aqua Yoga Specialist