Water Yoga Courses

Start aqua yoga in your local pool at your convenience

Learn and have fun

These are introductory courses that will help you learn a fun, relaxing type of yoga.

Aqua yoga helps you get fit, while improving your flexibility, strength and balance.

Specific Topics

Enroll in the course that best suits your needs whether you're a beginner or need more help with a specific health challenge.

Learn on your own time

By accessing digital materials you get everything immediately and don't pay shipping fees.

Tech is not easy at the pool so there's lots or audio and printed supplements to the videos.

Aqua Yoga Intro Ecourse

This is an introductory online course for anyone who wants to learn aqua yoga.  It gives you the skills and confidence to start and maintain an aqua yoga practice at your local pool.

It's packed with tons of resources all of which are downloadable and accessible immediately.

Pool Meditation Mini-Course

This is a quick mini course to get started with floating meditation.  It includes a restorative aqua yoga class, a moving meditation, and guided audio meditations to help you relax and bliss out.

It includes video, audio and printed resources all of which you get access to immediately.

Aqua Yoga for Arthritis

As someone who lives with arthritis personally, I'm passionate about helping everyone who lives with arthritis reduce pain.

This online course is a gentle introduction to aqua yoga for anyone with one of the many forms of arthritis to get fit and learn pain management skills.


What students say about these courses


Aqua yoga student

For those who want to explore Aqua Yoga, I highly recommend Christa's Intro to Aqua Yoga course. It is very thorough and easy to understand, full of visuals and just the right amount of information.


Aqua yoga student

The course gave me many tools to go out and start my aqua journey. I found the added resources a great bonus to the excellent instruction from Christa. 


Pool meditator

I love using the noodles. I feel more secure with two. The relaxation is divine. I feel like I'm floating in the clouds. I love the videos you do! 

If you're a beginner and looking to get started

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