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aqua yoga for arthritis

Benefits of Aqua Yoga for arthritis

  • reduces pain
  • improves balance
  • reduces inflammation
  • increases fitness
  • relieves stress
  • builds body awareness
  • improves posture
  • increases resilience

Aqua Yoga for Arthritis Resources

Unfortunately, there is no research on the benefits of aqua yoga and it’s efficacy for

March is Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month and May is Lupus Awareness Month.  In support of

As a Certified Yoga for Arthritis Instructor, I’m required to do a certain number of

Why Aqua Yoga for Arthritis? March is Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month started by the Autoimmune

aqua yoga for arthritis


Christa’s instructions are careful and thorough. Christa’s background and expertise cannot be over-emphasized. Through experience and training she has developed methods of safely leading individuals with physical limitations as they explore exercise effectively.

Katherine Aqua yoga student

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christa fairbrother

Christa Fairbrother

ERYT 200, RYT - 500

Aqua Yoga Specialist

Certified Yoga for Arthritis Instructor

Aquatic Fitness Professional

Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Professional

Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute Certified

For me, my arthritis diagnosis and teaching yoga are totally integrated. I had arthritis for more than 20 years before my diagnosis and had a hard time reconciling everything I'd achieved, and my relative lack of pain, with all my joint damage. I gave my life long yoga practice the credit and now I help other people get more comfort in their joints and use the tools of yoga to manage their health.

Aqua yoga is my focus because it is kind to people’s joints and is so accessible. It's an easy way to start a yoga practice, it allows people who've lost a land practice to continue their journey with yoga, and challenges people with an active land practice to explore their bodies in new ways.