Jo Blackwell, host of the Midlife Movement podcast, and I had a lovely chat on how yoga, and especially aqua yoga, can help middle-aged women survive and thrive through midlife.

As an extra little fun fact, Jo and I are both alumni of the University of Leicester, though we weren’t there at the same time and studied in different programs.

From the original show notes: ” Aqua Yoga is a great form of exercise for anyone, but especially if your joints are sore. This week, Floridian, Christa Fairbrother, shares how she became a water yoga teacher and her passion for the water.

You can find the free resources Christa mentions on her website. You can also find out more about her book for teachers.”

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Midlife Movement podcast episode graphics with guest Christa Fairbrother.  The text says, "Podcast episode, Yoga in Midlife.



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