Need gifts this season for yourself for your aqua yoga practice or a friend or loved one? These items are all things I’ve owned and used, so they’re pool tested and yogi approved.

1.UV Sunshirts – I’m supposed to get as little sun as possible so I’ve got a full kit of sun management products. Even if you can get sun, your dermatologist would appreciate it if you reduced your sun load.

I used to be a big fan of Coolibar as a brand but the last couple I bought weren’t as good as quality so I branched out.

These are from a Florida company and the quality and designs are great.

2. Pool Noodles – The Dollar Store ones used to be fine but the quality isn’t there anymore. The solid core noodles last great and offer a lot of support and challenge in the water.

3. Water Yoga – Just released this summer, my book is the definitive guide to aqua yoga.

sunscreen as part of the aqua yoga gift guide

4.Sunscreen – I love Lord of the Rings. Have you seen Gollum’s scene with the elven rope?

That’s me with the cheap sunscreen from the grocery store. I literally have to scrub it off immediately. This brand doesn’t burn and blocks a lot of sun.

5. Waterproof speaker – Things by the pool get wet. It’s a fact of life. If you’re going to play music near the pool, it’s worth investing in a waterproof speaker. The cost of these is so cheap these days and they last forever.

6. The unicorn pool float – If you’re going to float around on the pool with a cold beverage, it should be on something that makes you smile. This one is super cute and has survived three seasons with teenage boys which is inconceivable.

7. Waterproof Journal – When you have an inspired creative moment you want to save at the pool, where are you going to record it? Regular pen and paper just gets destroyed and you don’t want to risk getting your phone wet. A waterproof journal is the perfect solution.

8. Colored waterproof pool lights – The best thing about having an outdoor pool, is you get to get to use it in the evening. Plopping these lights in makes for fun mood lighting and they last for hours.

woman in a shorty swimsuit for the aqua yoga gift guide

The Shorty Swimsuit – Everyone asks where I get these suits. They’re not as good quality as more expensive suits but they’re really cute and highly functional.

The shorts never ride up and the tankini back never lets anything show. Cute, functional and cheap.

Waterproof Aqua Yoga Classes

I offer 13 different done for you classes that are waterproof and durable for years of use.

Download the Aqua Yoga Gift Guide as a PDF

Last year’s gift guide focused on how to keep your yoga practice sparkly during the holidays.

Read 10 Tips for How to Sparkle Up Your Yoga Practice.

woman in the pool doing side plank pose because she's showing the best resource for water yoga

If you stumbled on this guide and need an intro to Aqua Yoga, read my article:

The Best Resources for Water Yoga

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