Aqua Yoga Gift Guide

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Need gifts this season for yourself for your aqua yoga practice or a friend or loved one? These items are all things I’ve owned and used, so they’re pool tested and yogi approved.

1.UV Sunshirts – I’m supposed to get as little sun as possible so I’ve got a full kit of sun management products. Even if you can get sun, your dermatologist would appreciate it if you reduced your sun load.

I used to be a big fan of Coolibar as a brand but the last couple I bought weren’t as good as quality so I branched out.

This is the most recent sunshirt I bought and the quality and design are great.

2.The Sunhat Ditto on the sun comment. This is my most recent hat and it was a downgrade in cost. It was cheap and cute and has worked well so far.

woman in fish scale leggings for the aqua yoga gift guide

3.Leggings – More ways to keep the sun exposure down, wear leggings or sun pants. These were just too cute a design to pass up.

I was cruising for swimsuits for my kids and saw these and they had to go in my cart.

mermaid doing yoga tshirt picture for the aqua yoga gift guide.

4.Aqua Yogi Mermaid T-Shirt – Mermaids + yoga = had to have it. Everyone who’s seen it has loved it.

sunscreen as part of the aqua yoga gift guide

5.Sunscreen – I love Lord of the Rings. Have you seen Gollum’s scene with the elven rope?

That’s me with the cheap sunscreen from the grocery store. I literally have to scrub it off immediately. This brand doesn’t burn and blocks a lot of sun.

6.Bee Happy – I’m a beekeeper and drink tea by the gallon. Of course, I sweeten it with honey. You need something to carry all that tea around in between classes and it should make you happy.

7.Violet the Hugging Octopus – I wanted the Aqua Yoga Gift Guide to be about local businesses too.

Sherry Duquet is a yoga teacher and owner of Madeira Beach Yoga. She’s written a bestselling children’s book about an amazing octopus. Anyone with 8 appendages has a lot of love to share.

8.Let’s be Mermaids – My towel selection is showing it’s age so I just bought a new one. To me, this one perfectly conveyed what we do in the pool during aqua yoga. We set aside some time to have fun and feel beautiful.

cover of the book there's no p in our ool

9.There’s no P in our OOL – My book on yoga philosophy through the lens of aqua yoga. Hitting the books is a great thing to do during winter, when the weather cuts into your pool time.

woman in a shorty swimsuit for the aqua yoga gift guide

The Shorty Swimsuit – Everyone asks where I get these suits. They’re not as good quality as more expensive suits but they’re really cute and highly functional.

The shorts never ride up and the tankini back never lets anything show. Cute, functional and cheap.

11. Aqua Yoga Practice Sequences

Download the Aqua Yoga Gift Guide as a PDF

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