Ditch the to-do list and Immerse Yourself in Aqua Yoga

Enjoy your time in the pool and learn a new skill this month.

The Aqua Yoga Immersion

Meet your goal of learning aqua yoga - a fun and relaxing way to get the combined benefits of a yoga and aqua fitness practice.

People learn and are inspired in different ways.

This immersion course fits your style because each email has different types of materials and a different focus.  

You'll be able to move from a warm up to a closing meditation using all aspects of yoga.

Karen, Aqua Yoga Student

"I am amazed at what you can do with noodles."

Jacquie, Aqua Yoga Student

"I liked how you were pulling the yoga philosophy into the aqua yoga instruction."

How it works

This is a free 2-week email course.  Your first email comes when you sign up and then every other day after that.  

Over seven emails you'll get:

  • Video and graphic tutorials, audio downloads, readings and practice prompts.
  • Each email covers one small slice of an aqua yoga practice.
  • By the end you'll be fully immersed in aqua yoga and be able to start practicing on your own.

See How Easily You Can Start Aqua Yoga