Aqua Yoga Knees and Hips  


Could your knees and hips benefit from more attention?

This aqua yoga workshop focused on applying the therapeutic aspects of aqua yoga for healthy knees and hips.

It covers the basic science concepts, as well as how to maintain and restore function and mobility in your knees and hips with movements to stretch and strengthen.

woman in the pool with one leg raised and bent to show what content is covered in the aqua yoga knees and hips workshop
What's included
Video resources

You get 30 days access to the 2-hr workshop recording.

Printed resources

You’ll receive both a copy of the slides (14 pages)  and exercises as PDF  handouts to download (7 pages),

The Aqua Yoga Knees and Hips Workshop is about making you stronger and more stable so you can move from oww to wow.

N. P. Workshop attendee

Wonderful information.  I'm really looking forward to implementing it.

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Thanks for your interest in these workshops.  Being passionate about water yoga, I want more people around the world to have access.  Not everyone can make it to Florida to work with me personally so these bridge the gap.

Christa Fairbrother, aqua yoga coach and trainer


Aqua Yoga Specialist

Aquatic Fitness Professional

Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute Certified