Let's Connect Regularly

What is the Aqua Yoga Lunch Club?

It's a quarterly passion project

This program isn't about learning poses.  

Instead, it gives you creativity and connection to strengthen your aqua yoga practice.  

It's about inspiration and support to apply what you already know.

  • It's the kick in the mermaid tail to make it happen for yourself.
  • This makes your practice reflective instead of reactionary.  So you're powerfully practicing self-care instead of reacting to life by going to class once in awhile when time permits.
  • It makes the stars magically align in your inbox so your horoscope says, "Go to the pool."
  • This is the crystal clear yoga philosophy reminder so your practice isn't just moving your body into shapes named after animals, but having a real impact in your life.

Who it's For

Women who want to deepen their aqua yoga practice and connect with a community regularly

Aqua yoga beginners

If you're just starting out on your aqua yoga journey and would like to connect with other practitioners to learn and stay inspired.

Seasoned aqua yoga practitioners

If you're stuck in a rut in your own practice and finding it hard to keep your enthusiasm up this will give you new ideas and connections.

Who it's Not For

Not everything is for everyone

Total aqua yoga newbies

If you've never tried aqua yoga before and are looking to learn, you'll be better served by signing up for the Intro to Aqua Yoga Course first and then doing this program if you need more help with continuing to practice.

Prospective aqua yoga teachers

This is not a teaching program.  We will not be talking about teaching methodology, cueing techniques, sequencing, etc.  If you want to learn how to teach, you need to sign up for one of the certification programs.

Each month you'll get


Three support emails per week with journaling prompts, reading lists, yoga philosophy connections, playlists, and all the thought threads to work with that month's theme.


A complete aqua yoga sequence as stick figures so it's easy to print and laminate.


A downloadable meditation to use in support of that month's theme.


A one-hour live session with the community to discuss and practice that month's theme.  All sessions are recorded if you can't attend live.

It's a workshop,

no, it's a membership,

no, it's better

Everyone's sick of memberships that lock you into recurring fees every month whether you use it or not.

And workshops are great but if they only happen once, watching the replay can become just another thing on your long to do list.

A quarterly club blends the best of both - you're only paying for the parts of the year when you'll use it, you're not locked into anything, and if you miss one thing, it's ok because it's a whole month of a fun theme.

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April - Ritual

For our opening month, we'll explore how you can incorporate aspects of ritual into your practice to stay engaged and committed to your practice.

Live Session - Saturday, April 8th 10AM -11AM

May - Creativity

Have you ever woken up and said, "Yeah, I get to go through all the steps to get into Warrior I pose today!"

How can you keep your practice fresh and interesting whether you've done Warrior I pose once or one thousand times?

Live Session - Saturday, May 13th 10AM - 11AM

June - Trouble Spots

Rough patches and bad habits are something we all live with.

How can we embrace these areas as catalysts for change and growth instead of getting sucked down into whirlpools over and over again?

Live Session - Saturday, June 10th 10AM - 11AM


I'm Christa

As Anais Nin says, "I must be a mermaid, I have no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living." 

That's my approach to aqua yoga as well.  I don't get in the water and do Warrior I the same way as on land over and over. 

I do yoga in the water for comfort, creativity, and exploration.

Let's dive in and continue to explore together

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a payment plan

No, the fee is one lump sum payment.

If you need a refund before we start in March, you can receive a full refund minus a $20 processing fee.  Once we start, there are no refunds.

Can I do just one month

No this is a quarterly, 3-month program.

How long do I have access to the materials

You have access to all the materials for 30-days after the last day, of the last month, of the quarter

What tech do I need for the program

You need access to a phone or desktop and a printer.

How often do I need access to a pool

Regularly is better as you'll be able to practice all 8 waves of aqua yoga more often.  But there are no minimum requirements.