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Why Aqua Yoga...

  • I started doing yoga 30 years ago to keep my back healthy despite a difficult job.  Yoga was purely for the exercise.
  • It turns out I'd had multiple kinds of arthritis the whole time, and yoga was doing a lot more for me than keeping me limber.  Yoga was maintaining my health.
  • In my journey towards being a yoga teacher I worked with teachers who taught me yoga had a powerful philosophical outlook. Yoga was making me a better person.
  • Being a yoga teacher allowed me to make a difference in other people's lives.  Yoga was improving not just my life, but my community.
  • Specializing in aqua yoga, I discovered my passion that I now share with others.  Yoga, specifically aqua yoga, gave me a mission to help others achieve these transformational changes.

Yoga can be many different things.  You can see my journey has run the whole spectrum of what yoga has to offer. The important thing is it meets you where you're at right now, whether you're a beginner or more experienced.   Aqua yoga amplifies your progress because of the healing properties of water.

Beyond the stretch, you get...

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The confidence to take your yoga practice into the pool whether you’ve previously taken an aqua yoga class or not and the ability to move forward with continuing your practice on your own.

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The knowledge of how to keep your practice safe and appropriate for you and the insight as to the physical, emotional, and energetic benefits of the practice.

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Find the physical outcomes aqua yoga is especially known for such as reduced pain, improved balance and less stress.

What students say about the course...

Intro to Aqua Yoga is an excellent course formatted for anyone: yogi, non-yogi, teacher, swimmer, non-swimmer. It is organized beautifully- from the workbook, to the videos, to the sequences. Christa has put her heart and soul into this class.  I highly recommend taking Intro to Aqua Yoga with Christa!


Intro to Aqua Yoga Student

Who this course is for...


You’ve never done yoga before and heard it helps with pain or, you’ve done land yoga but struggled in class, whether it was the pace, all the hand and knee involvement, or getting on and off the floor.


You’re an experienced land yogi but unclear on how to adapt your practice to the pool, or you’re an experienced aquatics person looking to bring more mindfulness to your aquatic movement.


You're a yoga or aquatics professional who's curious about aqua yoga but aren't ready to commit to a full certification course

How other instructors describe the course...

Christa's course is very informative and she clearly loves what she does! Her explanations are easy to follow, and I like how she uses all the modalities (audio, video, writing) in her teaching.  


Yoga Instructor

Packed with resources

computer screen showing the downloadable resources in the intro to aqua yoga online course
Unit 1

Downloadable mp4 45-minute Aqua Yoga Practice Video for a Wall Sequence

Course Workbook

Unit 2

35-minute Video on the Principles, Practice and Theory of Aqua Yoga

Downloadable mp3 45-minute Aqua Yoga Practice Audio for a 1 noodle Sequence

Unit 3

Downloadable PDF for a kickboard sequence - laminate it for poolside use

Unit 4

There's no P in our OOL Yoga Philosophy book - PDF download

Downloadable How to sequence a personal practice tutorial video

Unit 5

mp3 guided meditation download

Floating meditation tutorial video

What students have said...

You have done an excellent job putting this course together!


Intro to Aqua Yoga Student

I wanted to express my gratitude for you and this course. It is very well put together and full of a lot of useful information. Congrats on a job well done!


Intro to Aqua Yoga Student

Bonus Materials - 5 Live Videos

  • Each of the five units has a bonus video of me working with the materials live with other students for two hours of extra videos
  • Unit 1 -Wall sequence live
  • Unit 2 - One noodle sequence live
  • Unit 3 - Kickboard sequence live
  • Unit 4 - Yoga philosophy FAQ's live
  • Unit 5 - Floating meditation FAQ's live
woman in the pool with a pool noodle explaining the aqua yoga online course

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christa fairbrother

Christa Fairbrother

Aqua Yoga Specialist

Aqua yoga is my focus because it is kind to people's joints and is so accessible. It's an easy way to start a yoga practice, it allows people who've lost a land practice to continue, and challenges people with an active land practice to explore their bodies in new ways.

For me, living with arthritis, and teaching yoga are integrated. I had arthritis for more than 20 years before I knew about it.  I had a hard time reconciling everything I'd achieved, and my relative lack of pain, with all my joint damage. I gave my life long yoga practice the credit and that journey inspired me to help others get more comfort in their joints and use the tools of yoga to manage their health.

I want you to feel empowered to better your health and well being with an aqua yoga practice.


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