June 3


Aqua Yoga Podcast

I brought aqua yoga to a podcast at Christmas time but that’s not really a pool time of year for most people. Now that summer’s here, I’m inviting you to give it a listen.

Aqua Yoga Podcast

An excerpt from The Changing the Face of Yoga podcast.

“A feature that you can use with noodles that we don’t have in land classes is something called buoyancy assist and buoyancy resist. What happens is when we exert muscular effort in the pool, it is an equal effort in both directions because you’ve got the resistance of the water.

The water, it’s not as solid, but it’s almost like if you thought about, well what if I was moving in Maple Syrup, right? You have resistance in every direction.

If you think about bending your elbow and bringing your palm up towards your shoulder and then lowering it back down on land, say like with a barbell in our hand at the gym. We’re exerting a lot of effort in that flexion to bring the object up. We have to exert a little bit of effort to bring it down, but not as much as in the water.

When you put something in your hand like a pool noodle, which is buoyant, it wants to fly up to the surface. So when you curl your hand up, you’re having to exert effort to control it. So it’s not just shoving up on your shoulder.

And then when you bring that noodle back under the water, well again, it wants to fly to the surface. So now you’re exerting effort to get it back below the water. So it’s a very equal muscular effort that you get from that noodle, which is a kind of a unique thing.

Also, we use noodles to support us. So it’d be like buoyancy-supported and that’s the example of the floating meditation where you just kind of use them as a neutral space on the surface of the water. That’s something noodles can do for us.”

Listen to the episode or read the full transcript on The Changing the Face of Yoga page.

woman doing tree pose in the pool

If you’d more info than you can get out of an aqua yoga podcast, read my article on all things aqua yoga

Woman in tree pose with a pool noodle shown underwater to illustrate the discussion during the aqua yoga podcast


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