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woman doing down dog pose in the pool with two pool noodles
How to do Down Dog Pose in Aqua Yoga

Down Dog pose is one of the most common poses in yoga. If you try …

woman doing leg lifts on the pool steps
How to do Leg Lifts in the Pool

This video focuses on how to build core strength in aqua yoga. You’ll be using …

aqua yoga photo - woman doing mountain pose in the pool with one pool noodle
How to do Mountain Pose in the Pool

Mountain Pose is the foundation of our practice. It’s where we start, it’s where we …

Women in the pool showing how to do side left lifts with the pool steps during aqua yoga
How to do Side Leg Lifts in the Pool

Side leg lifts can be done in the pool without the pool steps, but here …

womand doing triangle pose in the pool using the pool steps
How to do Triangle Pose in the Pool

  Directions for how to do Triangle pose in the pool Start in a wide …

woman doing shoulder stretch with a pool noodle in the pool
Shoulder flexibility with Aqua Yoga

We all spend too much time on our devices and most of us could use …

woman doing tree pose in the pool

An aqua yoga practice is not just one pose.

Read my Ultimate Guide to Aqua Yoga for everything you need to know about an aqua yoga practice.

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