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How to do Warrior II pose in the pool

This is a tutorial specifically for Warrior II pose. If you’d like more general information about aqua yoga,


How to do Down Dog Pose in Aqua Yoga

Down Dog pose is one of the most common poses in yoga. If you try to do the


How to do Leg Lifts in the Pool

This video focuses on how to build core strength in aqua yoga. You’ll be using the pool stairs


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woman revolving down dog pose in the pool with two pool noodles
woman doing shoulder stretch with a pool noodle in the pool

Karen, Aqua Yoga Student

"I am amazed at what you can do with noodles."

Tracy, Aqua Yoga Student

"The cueing was done with much thought. I learned a great deal in this first sequence."

Jacquie, Aqua Yoga Student

"I liked how you were pulling the yoga philosophy into the aqua yoga instruction."

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