A safe practice is a fun practice! Aqua yoga is a very low risk activity but anytime you’re around a pool, or doing anything in the heat of summer you should take some extra precautions to take care of yourself.

Here’s 10 Aqua Yoga Safety Tips

1. Stay hydrated – I liked this article because they mentioned stopping if you get the “dizzies”. It makes being on the verge of heatstroke almost sound like fun. Except that it isn’t, so drink your water! Being in the water is more dehyrdating than people think. Your kidneys are cycling more efficiently so you’re using fluids faster internally even though you’re all wet.

Using a metal water bottle on the pool deck is also safer than glass and better for you and the planet than plastic. Of course, I’m going to be a fan of any turquoise water bottle with a mermaid.

2. Don’t get overheated – Do yoga in the shady side of the pool. Shift your practice times to mornings or evenings. Position yourself to take advantage of a breeze. More tips and how to recognize if you’re getting overheated from Johns Hopkins.

3. Wear sun protection – I grew up in CA before sunscreen was widely used. We were Coppertone girls. We know better now so use the CDC’s suggestions. Wear UV sunclothes also for even better skin protection.

4. Rinse off before you get in the pool. It’s important to keep the water quality high for everyone’s sake. Here’s an article from the Aquatic Exercise Association with more information

5. Practice lightning safety – It’s not just a Florida issue or a pool issue. You can get a free lightning app for your phone to help you stay safe or remember the adage “When thunder roars, get indoors.”

6. If it’s buggy out and you’ve forgotten bug spray you just squish the mosquitoes right? Ahimsa is non-harming. Does that apply to insects for you? Here’s one perspective from Yoga International. Also, remember what they said about bug spray in the water. If you’re getting chowed, maybe it’s time to shift your practice to a different time or borrow a friends screened in pool.

7. Avoid a COVID infection – Social distancing check, wearing a mask check but how does all that work in the pool? – Is it safe to go to the pool?

8. Wear shoes if appropriate. I find it easier to do aqua yoga without shoes but that’s not a choice for everyone. Make sure you’re wearing shoes if you’ve been told to by a doctor, have neuropathy in your feet, or are worried about slipping.

9. Take care of your hair and skin. Make sure you rinse the chlorine off your skin and hair when you’re done. You can get a rinse that works for both so you don’t have to carry multiple bottles.

10. Stay socially distanced but practice with a buddy. Pools are always safer with more than one person around and it’s more fun too. Practicing aqua yoga safety doesn’t mean you have to go without fun.

Infographic with six examples of how to implement aqua yoga safety

woman in the pool doing water yoga. She's doing Warrior II pose to show one of the poses in the water pose tutorial database.

If you want to apply these tips in the pool, sign up for the free Water Yoga Pose Tutorials.

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