Aqua Yoga Specialists Training

I’m so grateful and jazzed up to have been part of the first cohort for Aqua Yoga Specialists.  It was an amazing weekend packed with information, inspiration, and a wonderfully collegial group of ladies.


As the video shows we did blissful restorative practices including sound therapy and ayurvedic adaptations.  These will be really wonderful techniques for the chronic pain clients I work with.  It was so relaxing and rejuvenating to also get to take a class and focus on ourselves. 

aqua yoga specialists

We reviewed the properties of water applicable to water exercise and some of the latest research in aquatics.  As a group, we had lively discussions about the variety of ways we’ve been applying this work.

aqua yoga specialists

We explored using belts for support, alignment and adjustments.  The belts hook to the lane dividers or suction hooks on the pool wall.

aqua yoga specialists


I experimented with Therabands in the pool for the first time.  I’ve struggled with providing good alternatives for arthritic hands using pool props.  Being able to use these just on your wrists offers some intriguing alternatives.   I loved the efficiency of getting concentric and eccentric muscular contraction at the same time.  The bands also require stronger core muscle engagement so they’re a great teaching tool to emphasize that.  I’ve ordered up a box of bands and will be developing sequences using these.


It was a very full long weekend and I’m so happy I went.  I’ve already started implementing some new techniques and getting positive feedback.   Stay tuned for more information and techniques as I incorporate all this new knowledge.  Thanks to Camella Nair for pioneering this field and being so generous with her knowledge.

aqua yoga specialists


And just before I left, I got my first book done, There’s no P in our OOL.  Yahoo!!! If you’re interested in moving your yoga practice into the pool this is a great starting point.  The book has lots of useful tips on integrating yoga philosophy into your practice and includes a full aqua yoga sequence.  If you’re already an aqua yogi, the book provides you with activities to reinforce your knowledge of yoga philosophy and a sequence focused on the yamas and niyamas.  Get your copy in the STORE.


Being part of this first cohort of Aqua Yoga Specialists allows me to apply this knowledge immediately to better serve you.  If you’d like to join me in class you can see my class calendar HERE.  I teach aqua yoga at St. Pete Beach Aquatic Center, Jim & Heather Gills YMCA and stay tuned for an upcoming announcement for aqua yoga at North Shore Aquatic Complex. If you’d like one on one assistance to help you make faster, tailored progress, book a one on one session HERE.


I'm a yoga teacher who specializes in making yoga accessible in the pool and on land. I also train and coach other yoga and aquatics professionals in aqua yoga. My teaching style is engaging, responsive, and fun. 

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