May 26


Aqua Yoga Stickers

Want to express your love for aqua yoga? I made an aqua yoga sticker for you.

Right click on the image to download it.

I love the graphic but how do I turn it into a sticker?

You have two choices. The sheets you run through your printer are always a choice. They have a lot more options and they’re cheaper than they used to be. HERE’s an example.

Another fun choice that I bought and I’m really enjoying is a Sprocket mini printer. It Bluetooth’s to your phone and prints on adhesive paper. The little stickers have been so fun to journal with. Here’s a video of mine printing out this sticker as an example.

Some people like the Ivy by Canon better but the printer itself is more expensive and so is the paper. There are other brands too so if you like this idea, get the one that works for you.

These two options work for any graphic you want to turn into a sticker, such as the aquatics octopus coach below. Again, right click on the graphic to download it.

Pink octopus with an aquatic dumbbell in two of its tentacles as part of the aqua yoga sticker collection.

This sticker accompanied an email essay on ease and effort in yoga. It makes it pretty clear we could all use more ease.

If you want to get more of these stickers, subscribe to my email list to get weekly aqua yoga love missives.

    If you want to see an example of how stickers can supplement your yoga practice, watch the video tour of my book, There’s no P in our OOL. In my personal copy, I used stickers as a way to organize my thoughts and bling up my work.

    Buy a copy of the book to use your aqua yoga stickers in:

    Would you like more aqua yoga stickers? Leave a comment with your ideas and I’ll create some more for you.

    *This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Items purchased through these links cost you the same amount.  I will get a tiny commission that I use to support my yoga habit.  Thanks for your consideration. Read my full disclosure policy HERE.


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