graphic of all the postures needed for aqua yoga sun salutations

Sun salutations (Surya Namaskara) – They’re everywhere in yoga but have you tried taking them into the pool for Aqua Yoga Sun Salutations?

This is one variation of aqua yoga sun salutations using the wall.  This sequence is very similar to doing sun salutations at the wall in the studio.  The main difference is the down dog position.  Notice it’s similar to a wide-legged forward bend, Prasarita Padottanasana.    Of course, you can add in as many variations of the standing postures as you like, such as Warrior I, Warrior III, etc. similar to a flow sequence on your mat.  You can also do aqua yoga sun salutations with 1 or 2 pool noodles or a kickboard. 

The number of repetitions is up to you.  You might find using the wall and doing these in the pool is less strenuous than on the mat.  It’s also kinder for your shoulders and wrists.  That makes this practice a great alternative if you have arthritis or a chronic pain condition. This might be the perfect avenue for finally fitting in the full 108 repetitions for New Years Day or the upcoming winter solstice.

Get in the pool and give it a try! 

If you’re interested in taking your yoga practice into the pool because you want to reduce your pain, improve your strength and balance and have some fun while doing it, check out the aqua yoga resources in my STORE.  I sell waterproof practice guides including aqua yoga sun salutations as part of a yoga philosophy-based sequence.

For more Sun Salutation options, read the article I wrote on Deep Water Aqua Yoga which shows how to do Sun Salutations in the deep end of the pool.


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  • This is so helpful!! I have a previous shoulder injury and I can’t do any intense Yoga. This might work perfectly! I have heard water aquatics is great for exercise. Thanks for sharing! :)

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