Aqua Yoga Tutorial Videos – March

woman doing hand to big toe pose during aqua yoga

This week’s aqua yoga tutorial shows some of the creativiity you can bring to aqua yoga. This version of the pose is a dynamic balance posture that includes crossing the midline. Each half of the body is performing a different posture too.

March was Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month. Some autoimmune diseases flare with UV exposure and everyone needs to reduce their skin cancer risk. 



Corpse Pose, or Savasana, is often called the hardest pose in yoga. It’s also one of the biggest distinguishing features between aqua yoga and other aquatic styles. 
How long can you float and think of only one thing?



Hand to big toe pose is a huge pose that many find intimidating. The water provides enough support that it’s much easier to take it to whatever height works for you.



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snapshot of half locust pose in the pool and floating meditation



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