The #1 barrier to aquatic exercise I hear from women is troubles with their hair. Whether it’s they can’t get it wet because of the hours they spend straightening it, or in the beauty parlor, to not being able to control it with swim caps, to discomfort around hair loss.

I spoke with two experts on these subjects for ideas on managing your hair in the pool.

Aquatic Exercise Hair Care Includes Managing Hair Loss

Sheridan Ruth is a yoga therapist who specializes in yoga for hair loss. She wants to normalize conversations around hair loss so it’s not a barrier preventing women from feeling powerful and in control at all times. Here’s our conversation with mindset and attitude tips for hair loss.

If you’d like to work with Sheridan on managing hair loss with yoga, take her Wonder Woman hair loss quiz HERE.

What if I have too much hair?

Aquatic exercise hair care solutions can be as simple as finding the right product. Tess Padmore founded Wolf Clan LLC after spending hours on her daughter’s hair after swim practice. She couldn’t find the right swim cap to cut that down so she started creating them.

If you’re interested in a swim cap or head covering from Tess, visit WolfClan LLC to order.

Be sure and share these videos with friend who could use this information. If you’re a fan of aquatic fitness, you’ve probably heard these comments too, so share these actionable solutions.

For more information about breaking down barriers to practicing aqua yoga, read my article on aqua yoga safety.

head shot assemblage of Christa Fairbrother, aqua yoga coach and trainer, Sheridan Ruth, Yoga therapist for hair loss and Tess Padmore, swimcap entrepreneur highlighting their conversations on aquatic exercise hair care


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