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arthritis blogs

This week was Rheumatic Disease Blog week

As a rheumatic disease patient and blogger I was both a participant and spectator.  Some of the other participants I’d interacted with before, but some of the blogs were totally new to me.

The huge geographical diversity, different perspectives on disease management and writing styles makes for a really interesting body of work.  It was also a really good reminder of the diversity of coping mechanisms that people use to manage their disease – music, art, prayer.  I know it’s REALLY hard to believe, but not everyone does yoga constantly to manage their symptoms.

Arthritis blogs highlight the importance of advocacy.  Putting a face and a story to abstract research can be motivating to professionals.  Politicians need to know the impact of policies.

Arthritis blogs spotlight the value of community.  It can be really valuable to connect with other people who get “it” and can dish out good tips.

You can find the whole week’s worth of posts on the RD Blog week blog but this is a summary of the highlights of the week for me.  Thanks to everyone who shared and for being so open and transparent in your journeys.

This week was Rheumatic Disease Blog Week as part of Rheumatic Disease Awareness Month brought to you by the American College of Rheumatology and Pain Awareness Month organized by the American Chronic Pain Association.



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