November 29


Benefits of Aqua Yoga Podcast

It can feel like you’re the only sparkly rainbow unicorn in a vast forest when you’re an aqua yoga teacher. I’m a guest on podcasts to help get the word out about how great aqua yoga is. I hope you enjoy these episodes, find some great new podcasts, and please share so others find out how great aqua yoga is.

Benefits of Aqua Yoga

Benefits of Aqua Yoga podcast on Intuitively Rich with Ani Rich

We chatted about all things aqua yoga and what it has to offer. Ani’s podcast is great in that she also uploads videos to YouTube so this is a much more engaging and conversational chat.

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woman doing tree pose in the pool

If you’d more info than you can get out of an aqua yoga podcast, read my article on all things aqua yoga

Woman in tree pose with a pool noodle shown underwater to illustrate the discussion during the aqua yoga podcast


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