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I had a bad day today and was looking for something to do about it.  So I did some yoga journaling.  I’d been doing some just text based reflection but somehow stumbled on bullet journaling today.  It seemed like more fun.  So I did this little page of bullet journaling for yoga sutra IV.4.  Bullet journaling wasn’t originally about yoga but it seemed like it could be adapted to any subject.  If you’d like to build on what I did, see the bottom of the post for how to get a printable PDF.

Some resources I looked at today:

The original Bullet Journal method.

A pretty example with another PDF about gratitude.

It was fun.  I will probably do more.  I think bullet journaling for yoga presents some really neat opportunities.  If you use this I’d love to see your work, send me a comment with a link.  If there’s any sutras you’d like to have a blank for send your ideas on that too.

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blank bullet journaling sheet

If you’d like to read more posts about yoga sutra journaling with more PDF’s, read my post on sutra 2.39, acknowledging abundance HERE or sutra 3.10 , tranquility, HERE .

Or, here’s reflections on the perfect yoga sutra for fall.

My post on how to overcome internet trolls with  art journaling.

If you’d like more resources and ideas for how to put yoga philosophy into practice in your life, check out my book, There’s no P in our OOL – Using Yoga Philosophy to Transform Your Aqua Yoga Practice.  It’s filled with journaling prompts and practice tips.

Sutra 4.4 reads “Constructed or created mind springs from the sense of individuality.”  This is from the Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translated by BKS Iyengar.  That is my favorite translation of the sutras because it’s accessible to a lay audience but still goes in depth for further exploration.  

*This is an Amazon affiliate link. If you purchase this book through this link I get a tiny commission that I use to support my yoga book habit. Thanks for your consideration.


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