I had a lovely time chatting with Rosanne Nieober of The Chakra Way podcast. This is the perfect episode for sitting down with a hot cup of tea since it’s like chatting with friends.

From the original show notes: “In this series of podcasts I am talking to people and teachers who work in different modalities of yoga and energy work. Today I talk to Christa Fairbrother who is an Aqua Yoga teacher based in Florida.

For Christa, living with arthritis, and teaching yoga are integrated.  She credits her yoga practice for her lack of pain and specifically aqua yoga because it’s kind to people’s joints. It’s easy for beginners to start and challenges advanced practitioners in new ways.  Being passionate about aqua yoga, she wants to see aqua yoga in more communities worldwide so others can achieve the benefits of aquatic exercise.  She lives in Florida with her husband and two sons.  When she’s not in the pool, there’s nothing she loves better than a good book and a huge cup of tea.”

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If you’re a DIY person, you can get a full waterproof aqua yoga practice class that you can use to put these principles into practice.

Connect with all 7 Chakras in the pool.

If you want more help and in-depth information, you can purchase the replay of my Aqua Yoga for your Chakras workshop which includes the class sequence.

woman in the pool doing exalted warrior 2 pose as part of the aqua yoga for your chakras workshop

Use the 2-hour workshop plus practice class.

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