How to Choose a Yoga Class with Chronic Illness

How to Choose a Yoga Class with Chronic Illness, my second guest post for the lupus blog, Despite Lupus, is live.

Here are two excerpts, “Maybe you’ve been wanting to try yoga and you’re a bit intimidated by the language you don’t recognize, or incense and sitar music. Just like any field – knitting, sky diving, or dog training, yoga has its lingo. Starting with knowing some terminology can help you succeed…

So how does one put this all together to choose a yoga class for a lupus yogi? First, exercise your body awareness. Yoga will help you get better at that but do some self-exploration because you know your lupus is different every day. For example, are your symptoms worse in the afternoon and you’re in the middle of a mild flare? That kind of day would be a morning gentle class. If you’re really stable and want some cardio, try the power class. If you’re having a consistent bad flare, you might just want to do a short restorative session. So match the style and time of day to your needs.”

Read the rest of the post, How to Choose a Yoga Class with Chronic Illness, on the Despite Lupus blog HERE.


This was the second part of a series I did for Despite Lupus.  If you’d like to read the first article, 10 Benefits of Yoga for Lupus

Sara mentions how timely this topic is because the Lupus Foundation of America published an article about yoga for Lupus this week which you can read on their website HERE.

For more about Lupus and yoga, read my article on Aqua Yoga for Lupus.


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