I love conversations with yoga teachers since I can talk about my favorite subject all day long :))

In this podcast episode, I chat with Karen Fabian of Bare Bones Yoga about all things aqua yoga.

Here’s the original introduction to the episode:

“Have you ever thought about teaching yoga in a pool? Maybe you love the pool or live in a warm climate and thought, “It’d be great to practice in the pool!” Well, even if that thought hasn’t crossed your mind, today’s episode is going to blow your mind. You’ll meet Christa Fairbrother, an international water yoga coach and trainer, helping women practice self-care with aqua yoga. Our conversation starts out talking about her work with horses, moves on to her work as a teacher and how she transitioned into focusing primarily on teaching students in the pool and why. Her personal story is inspiring, her way of being is inspiring and I think you’ll be super inspired listening to this one.”

This episode originally aired on the Conversations with Yoga Teachers podcast which you can listen to on:

Bare Bones Yoga website

Google podcasts

Apple podcasts

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Graphic for conversations with yoga teachers podcast episode with christa fairbrother and karen fabian.  The graphics shows their portraits.


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