Deep water yoga is very much an alternative practice within the field of aquatics and yoga. To my knowledge, I’m the only person exploring this unique approach to the practice. I’m hoping to spread the word about the unique potentials of the practice to others and in support of that, my article on adding Yoga to Deep Water Aerobics for the Aquatic Exercise Association was published this week. Here’s an excerpt:

“Deep-water yoga is as simple as the name implies – wearing a flotation belt and doing yoga in the deep end of the pool.  However, it makes for a very different experience compared to yoga in the shallow end.

Why would one do yoga in the deep end? 

  • Bring more dynamic stretching into your aqua yoga practice
  • Add a stretching component into the beginning or end of a deep-water aerobics class 
  • Increase the challenge through tempo changes by sprinkling yoga poses within deep-water aerobic moves
  • Increase elements of extension within your choreography
  • Bring elements of mindfulness to the rest phase of a Tabata class
  • Make your yoga practice zero impact
  • Challenge your balance in new ways
  • Target different potential benefits than a shallow-water practice
  • For a stronger Pranayama, or yoga breathwork practice
  • Make your aqua yoga practice different”

The full Deep Water Aerobics with Yoga Article:

You can read the full article as an AEA member on their website.

For an extensive explanation of Deep Water Yoga, read my article on the subject.

woman doing three deep water yoga poses

For Deep Water Practice Resources

Deep Water Aerobics with Yoga in Action

Here’s an example of breaking up a reclined scissor kick with a yoga move – a dynamic forward fold.


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