Each year I like to give my clients a Christmas gift.  This year I was really struck by the wording of the Om Sarvesham chant so I decided to put it on DIY Yoga Christmas Ornaments.  I’ll be incorporating the chant into my classes this holiday season also, so it seemed like the perfect combination.  Here’s the wording in Sanskrit and English:

The wording in Sanskrit:

Om sarvesham svastirbhavatu

sarvesham shantirbhavatu

sarvesham purnambhavatu

sarvesham mangalambhavatu

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

The wording in English:

May there be well being for all

May there be peace for all

May there be fulfillment for all

May there be auspiciousness for all

Om, Peace, Peace, Peace

If your unfamiliar with this chant, Tina Turner did a video that’s beautiful.  You can see that on YouTube.

I printed the wording in English and Sanskrit onto parchment style paper, and two shades of iridescent card stock.  I trimmed those to fit onto #5 red manilla tags I bought off ebay.

I bought an OM stamp off of Etsy.

DIY Yoga Christmas Ornaments

I’m a reformed scrapbooker, so I have a ton of decorative papers, buttons, rivets, ribbons, stickers and other ephemera around already, so I hauled all that out to play with.  I haven’t been using the stuff so it was wonderful to put some of it to good use.

My kids love arts and crafts time so they couldn’t help but butt in, I mean help :))

We got a whole pile of them done over the course of several days.

DIY Yoga Christmas Ornaments, #privateyogastepete

To package them nicely for clients, I bought some custom printed stickers and put them in clear gift bags.

DIY Yoga Christmas Ornaments, #privateyogastpete

If you have a specific question about the techniques involved in any one of these, post a comment and I’ll get that to you.  If you’ve done a post for DIY yoga Christmas ornaments, share the link so we can enjoy your work too.

We just put our tree up so I put a few on to see how they look. 

DIY Yoga Christmas Ornaments, #privateyogastpete

Of course, I’m excited to hand them out and see what people think.  Wishing you and yours peace, fulfillment and auspiciousness this holiday season.  Namaste!

For more yoga Christmas inspiration, read my article on Yoga Advent or the 12 Days of Yoga Christmas.

If you’d like to see more of my yoga based DIY ideas, check out these journaling pages:

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picture of DIY yoga Christmas ornaments made of decorative paper and ribbons.



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  • Your clients should love your thoughtful home made gift. Its home made and everyone needs gift tags. I know I would appreciate these as a gift. Great that you were able to do them while spending some family time together. They look great.

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