Can you simultaneously reflect on the meaning of your inner and outer worlds?  Space to reflect on the existential questions of life.  What is the meaning of waves?  What is the meaning of thought?  Do you look for meaning outside yourself in science or religion or inside yourself with feeling and intuition?

Nature is noisy.

Cawing birds.

Pounding rain.

Crashing waves.

The conceit that keeps us separate and above nature drives our reasoning that our brains should be neat, tidy, quiet spaces under our control.

Your brain is a tumultuous whirlwind of expression.  Thoughts clamoring and bubbling to the surface for you to expand their noise by giving voice to them.  Connecting with nature can be recognizing and celebrating your internal cacophony.  Instead of shouting yourself down to be quiet all the time, dance through your internal ecosystem.  Throw open all the closed doors in your head and let the wind stir up swirling dust devils.  Let your inner toddler stomp through the mud puddle.  Embrace your out of control, wild free mind.  An embodied meditation experience includes letting your mind run wild sometimes.

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Picture of a rainbow umbrella on a black background in the rain.  The words say, "Embodied Meditation."


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