February Aqua Yoga Tips Videos

woman doing hand to big toe pose during aqua yoga

February Aqua Yoga Tips Videos

Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is the foundation of our practice. We need strong roots to be tall. It’s not just a metaphor, the action of learning to root our feet into the pool floor teaches us to maintain good posture, improve our balance, and know where our body is in space.

Shoulder Opener with a Kickboard

Shoulder retraction is something most of us need these days since we spend a lot of time hunched over devices. This video shows how to use a kickboard to get some opening across your chest, while still keeping grounded.

Intro to Aqua Yoga Online Course

Learn all the skills to move your yoga practice into the pool.  Now enrolling for our April 13th start date.

Walking Backwards in the Pool

Walking backwards in the pool is a great place to get dynamic hip extension. Adding that diagonal arm movement is a huge coordination challenge.  Everyone gets a kick out of the fact by about four steps, they’ve unknowingly transitioned back into a same side movement.


Half Moon Pose

Half Moon Pose is no longer an option for so many people in land classes. In the water it’s a beautiful opportunity to be big, take up space, and sparkle like the moon it’s named after. Here’s a version with a kickboard for some support.


Enjoy using this month’s aqua yoga tips!

Last month’s aqua yoga tips can be found HERE and look for the March tips next month.

Aqua yoga tips videos sample picture of mountain pose and half moon pose


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