The Pacific trash vortex covers 1.6 million kilometers.  It’s full of flotsam that fell overboard.  That’s a lot of accidental litter out in the middle of the ocean.  Closer to home, what garbage did you bring in the pool with you today? 

Did you bring other people’s expectations? 

Did you bring a long to do list?

Did you bring your hurts and offenses? 

What if you could just drop all of that off in the recycling bin before you practice?  It’s not only the oceanic environment that needs you to perform best practices in waste disposal.  Your headspace needs you to do this too! 

What jetsam can you leave on the pool deck before you practice to lighten your load?

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A photo with garbage strewn all over the beach in the foreground.  The sea is in the background.  The text says "Flotsam & Jetsam aren't just sea trash  and other mindfulness essays."  At the bottom of the photo it directs to the website, in text.



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