Last year I appeared on the Flow Artists podcast with Jo Stewart and Rane Bowen from Garden of Yoga.

As part of that episode, they asked which was my favorite past episode. I mentioned their annual Q & A episode. Remembering that, they were gracious enough to invite me back for this year’s special anniversary episode.

In podcast land it feels like sometimes the hosts have lots of great guest speakers and you don’t necessarily get to know the hosts. These Q & A’s episode shift that and you get a great balance of hosts and guests. Give it a listen and get to Jo and Rane better and catch my two questions about integrating the outdoor environment into an indoor yoga practice.

Here are the original show notes for the episode:

“Join Rane and Jo for another conversation with the latest updates from the Flow Artists podcast. It’s been over 5 years since we started the podcast, so we thought it was time for a Rane and Jo episode!

We answer questions from some friends of the podcast, including Donna Noble, Laura Wilson-McGinn, Beata Heyman, Jeanette Coleman, Nicole Blythe, Christa Fairbrother and Dr Kate Riegel Van West.

We also share our upcoming 10 year celebrations at Garden of Yoga, and have some updates from past guests!”

Listen to last year’s Flow Artist episode HERE.

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