We need aqua yoga resources in more languages! Because of this, I was really excited when Dorothee Baumfalk from @the.writing.yogini reached out to interview me for her German language blog.

English and German Aqua Yoga From The Writing Yogini webpage:

“While researching about water yoga, I came across Christa’s Instagram profile. She’s been teaching water yoga to both students and yoga instructors for quite a while now and even wrote a book about it.

I’m honored to have her on the blog today! In the interview, we talked about her journey into water yoga, how it’s different compared to yoga on land and what her teacher trainings looked like. Let’s dive in!

Dear Christa, yoga is very popular nowadays. Yoga in the water, however, is new for many. How did you get into that specific type of yoga?

I actually was introduced to it by another yoga teacher from Florida. She had a client with a pool who started inviting her over for Friday Ladies’ nights with wine and yoga in the pool. When she told me this, it blew my mind. I was like “oh you can do yoga in the pool? Why has no one ever told me this?”

I met her at a teacher training for yoga for arthritis. Immediately afterwards, I googled it and went to a training the next month, because it sounded like the best thing ever. The training was a good introduction and yoga in the pool quickly became my passion.

Before, I also taught chair yoga and yoga for kids. Super athletic flows were never my thing, so this new path fit quite well…”

Read the rest of the article in English HERE.

Read the German Aqua Yoga article.


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