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My yoga story...

For my personal practice I love the comfort of aqua yoga.  As a woman who deals with chronic pain, my land practice can sometimes aggravate my joint pain, increase my fatigue or just plain seem a little overwhelming.  That’s despite my experience, love of yoga, and knowledge that while in the short term it’s hard, in the long term it helps.  My aqua yoga practice doesn’t bring up those challenges because it doesn’t overtire me or hurt my joints as long as I don’t get cold. Considering all the adjustments and challenges one faces with chronic disease, it’s really nice to have some constants.

How my story helps you with yoga...

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Much of modern yoga is geared towards fit young students.  This is definitely a slice of yoga but it doesn’t represent the whole pie.  Yoga philosophy is pretty clear if you can breathe and have a brain you can do yoga.  Being able to stick your foot behind your head is not a requirement.

As a teacher, I strive to meet my students where they’re at.  Most of my students are seniors and have no interest in being able to stand on their heads.  They want to experience less pain and more comfort, less stress and more fun.  Given that I also teach chair and gentle yoga in land based classes, aqua yoga might seem like fluff or just another fad.  I have clients who join me for all these modalities and the general consensus is each has their place but aqua yoga offers the greatest gains in balance and is a low risk way to practice postures and techniques that are otherwise no longer available to many people.  I’m gratified by watching people succeed at having fun, trying new things, taking up lots of space and connecting with their bodies.

My teaching style...

  • Empowers people to move mindfully
  • Recognizes and effectively manages pre-existing conditions
  • Keep practices accessible with lots of room for customization
  • Is creative to keep practices fresh and interesting

Christa's use of technology was very helpful.  She took photos of me as we worked on poses, and promptly sent them to me.  She used her tech skills to illustrate the photos, and point out areas of improvement.  That was very motivating.


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Christa Fairbrother, ERYT-200, RYT-500

Certified Aqua Yoga Specialist

Certified Yoga for Arthritis Instructor

Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute Certified

Aquatic Exercise Association Aquatic Fitness Professional

Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Professional

Kidding Around Yoga Teacher

MA, Museum Education, University of Leicester

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