I bring water yoga

to people like you

because yoga is better when wet

Who am i

Water Yoga Coach and Trainer

Christa Fairbrother is a water yoga coach and trainer who's passionate about helping women get fit and healthy even if they live with chronic health conditions.

Christa's an internationally recognized expert in water yoga and published author. She makes her home in Florida with her husband, two sons, and piles of books with tea stains.

Portrait of Christa Fairbrother.  She's wearing white and standing in front of a tan wall.  There's a speech bubble that says, "Welcome to my story."

I believe Water Yoga is...

Woman doing Warrior III pose in the pool as part of a water yoga practice.


Water yoga is grounded in the traditions of yoga through the eight waves of yoga.  At the same time, it is relevant to your everyday life in the modern world.

Woman in the pool doing a floating mediation


Water yoga is informed by the best practices within the fields of aquatics, science, and yoga.

Woman in the pool doing Boat pose with two pool noodles.


Water yoga is flexible enough to meet you where you're at so that it's relevant to you at all ages, and stages of your health journey.

How I help you with water yoga...


I help regular people learn water yoga through in-person classes, online courses, and water yoga products for their own pools.


I help yoga and aquatics professionals learn to teach water yoga as well as mentor and support existing water yoga teachers.


I write books, publish magazine articles, and speak at conferences to help more people worldwide learn about water yoga.

why I do it

Let's get stronger together

For Christa, living with arthritis, and teaching yoga are integrated. She credits her yoga practice for her lack of pain and specifically water yoga because it’s kind to people's joints. It's easy for beginners to start, and challenges advanced practitioners in new ways.  Being passionate about water yoga, she wants to see water yoga in every community worldwide, so others can achieve the benefits of yoga in the water.

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What students say...

Water Yoga Class Student

I am so happy to have found your aqua yoga class. I never thought I would like or could do yoga on land, and never tried it. You make class fun, keep my mind learning and helped me so much with my pain.

Water Yoga Course Student

I truly enjoyed this course and Christa's ability to convey knowledge on this topic.  She's an incredible educator.

Water Yoga Certification Student

Christa's training for water yoga goes way beyond teaching yoga in the water.  The time we spent together was beneficial for me for my land yoga.  Her teaching style is very inclusive and supportive.

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