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How my story helps you with yoga...

I've had a very diverse professional background.  In one of my past careers, I was a farrier. The constant hunchbacked position of that job led me to explore some options to preserve my back, so I enrolled in my first yoga class and that was my introduction to yoga.

When it was time for me to move on from being a farrier, I went to England for graduate school in Museum Education.  Not as huge a change as that sentence implies, because I already had two art degrees.

After working in museums and the birth of my second son, my health took a turn for the worse and I was diagnosed with Lupus.  That was an adjustment, but I stabilized.  After twenty years of yoga and settling both my kids in school, it finally seemed like the right time to do a yoga teacher training program.  In the middle of the program, my diagnosis was officially changed to Mixed Connective Tissue Disease  The only explanation I had for my relatively pain free status was my consistent yoga practice.  I entered the program not knowing if I wanted to be a yoga teacher but the diagnosis solidified my desire to bring yoga to others who were struggling with health challenges.

These diverse careers and autoimmune diseases have had an impact on my teaching style. I'm really concerned with how people use their feet.  I try to explain things in concrete ways everyone will understand since I want people to see the connections between yoga, their daily lives, and their health.

I currently specialize in making yoga accessible to others with chronic health challenges, whether in the pool or on land.  If you're in the Tampa Bay area, schedule a private session or join me in a class.  If you've found me online, sign up for my email list so you can join me digitally.


My teaching style...

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Shoeing Breezy, 2001

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Globe Theatre Gates, 2003

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The family

  • Empowers people to move mindfully
  • Recognizes and effectively manages pre-existing conditions
  • Keep practices accessible with lots of room for customization
  • Is creative to keep practices fresh and interesting

Christa's use of technology was very helpful.  She took photos of me as we worked on poses, and promptly sent them to me.  She used her tech skills to illustrate the photos, and point out areas of improvement.  That was very motivating.


Private Yoga Client

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Christa Fairbrother, ERYT-200, RYT-500

Certified Aqua Yoga Specialist

Certified Yoga for Arthritis Instructor

Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute Certified

Aquatic Exercise Association Aquatic Fitness Professional

Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Professional

Kidding Around Yoga Teacher

MA, Museum Education, University of Leicester

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