Why aqua yoga for venous health?

Varicose veins and other venous problems affect half the population.  

It's a big problem with few solutions.

How can aqua yoga help?


  • lowers your blood pressure
  • reduces swelling
  • moves blood up into your torso
  • makes your heart more effiecient
  • Yoga

  • reduces stress
  • improves body awareness
  • Combining them gives you benefits you can't get from other forms of exercise.

     Immersion without Inversion 

    What you get...

    This 20-page PDF download includes

    A complete aqua yoga practice

    Fully illustrated with over 85 above and below water photographs for a complete    45-60 minute aqua yoga practice designed towards healthy venous function.

    A woman in the pool doing aqua yoga boat pose.  She's wearing a blue swimsuite with a pink stripe down the side with one pool noodel behind your back and another in her hands.  Her toes are hooked into the pool noodle in front of her in her hands as one posture in the aqua yoga for vein health kit.

    The science

    An explanation of the principles used in creating this sequence in everyday language for you to understand.


    You can use to educate yourself about venous health and share with your health care providers to verify this is a good plan for you.

    a graphic of a woman's leg with veins wrapped in a red ribbon.  Her leg is encircled in a water drop shaped turquoise border to illustrate the aqua yoga for vein health booklet.

    Taking this to the pool...

    The full directions

    Above and below water photos with complete directions for all 23 yoga movements.  Plus, below water pictures and directions, for the 10 additional foot and ankle-specific movements.  Leave it at home for reference or laminate it and take it to the pool.

    The pool sheet

    Plus, a list of the 23 movements with a reference picture to be an easy to use 1-pager you can laminate for the pool.

    See this in action

    why I made this

    Let's get stronger together

    For me, living with arthritis, and teaching yoga are integrated. I credit my yoga practice for my lack of pain, and specifically water yoga because it’s kind to your joints.  

    Having multiple kinds of arthritis comes with other conditions like venous health challenges.  I'm using these same techniques to help myself.  My struggles inspired me to get busy and help you too.


    What equipment do I need for this?

    What's your refund policy?