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How to do Down Dog Pose in Aqua Yoga

Down Dog pose is one of the most common poses in yoga. If you try to do the pose in the pool, the same way you’d do it on your mat, you’d end up doing Drowned Dog. Here’s how we stay true to the principles of the pose in the pool, without going underwater.


This variation uses two pool noodles for support. Pool noodles are cheap at the dollar store, or you can buy better quality ones at the pool supply.

Take a smooth inhale and as you exhale, hinge forward in your hips. Your heels and your tush stay on the imaginary wall behind you. Your spine stays long and straight. Don’t fall forward off the front of your toes.

Spend a few breaths in Down Dog pose, and then come up to standing with an inhale. Readjust your feet if needed. Inhale. Exhale and repeat the pose. To stay upright in the posture, it’s like you’re pushing your tush away from you and keeping as much weight in your heels as you can.

Do as many repetitions as you like.

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Down Dog pose in the pool stretches your spine, teaches you body awareness, and improves your balance. Think what else you could gain from a whole practice? This 45-minute mp3 aqua yoga audio sequence will make it easy to start aqua yoga today.

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