How to do Leg Lifts in the Pool

woman doing leg lifts on the pool steps

This video focuses on how to build core strength in aqua yoga. You’ll be using the pool stairs to do leg lifts, and it gives you several practice variations.

Start by sitting down on a pool step that allows approximately half your torso to be under water. Your arms should be out to your sides to offer you support.

With straight legs, raise your toes to the sky. Repeat this as many times as you like.

For a greater challenge, try raising your arms at the same time as you raise your legs. Keep your toes pulled back toward your nose to maintain the length in your legs. Keep your back straight up and down the whole time.

For even more challenge, move up a pool step. On a higher step, less of your torso will be under water. Your muscles will exert more effort moving more of you up and down. Keep your arms down by your sides, or you can add in raising your arms on the higher step as well. Don’t lose your balance if you choose to raise your arms.

A single aqua yoga pose is not an aqua yoga practice:

If you get in the pool and try one of my how to videos, you might enjoy the one pose, but then what? It takes some work, support and guidance to establish an aqua yoga practice. That’s what my aqua yoga online course is about. It’s a one month course that provides you four weeks of resources like aqua yoga videos, audio, workbook and printed materials with the support to move your aqua yoga practice into the pool. Join my Intro to Aqua Yoga online course, before it closes July 19th.

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If you want a whole aqua yoga sequence:

This wall aqua yoga sequence is a challenging 45 minute sequence with lots of movement, that emphasizes body organization, opens your hips and builds strength in your arms. 

Laminated aqua yoga sequences are the perfect for the DIY aqua yogi who wants a full practice to follow along with. Laminated aqua yoga sequences are sturdy and hold up to lots of use, and eliminate the risk of getting electronics wet by the pool.

woman sitting on the pool steps showing how to do leg lifts in the pool


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