How to do Mountain Pose in the Pool

aqua yoga photo - woman doing mountain pose in the pool with one pool noodle

Mountain Pose is the foundation of our practice. It’s where we start, it’s where we come back to. I like to refer to it as yogi home base. It’s a stable, grounded place with deep roots.

Work in a flat spot in the pool where the water comes up to mid chest height. Bring your feet hip distance apart. That’s about the distance between your hip bones so use your fingers to locate those in front if you’re unsure. For most people it’s 9″ apart. Yes, less than you think.

Then bring your feet to parallel, like you’re on narrow railroad tracks. If might feel like you’re toeing in, or sending your heels out. Try and go with it for now. Like everything else, Mountain pose in the pool gets easier, and more natural with time.

Stack your knees on top of your feet, your hips on top of you knees, your shoulders on top of your hips and your ears on top of your shoulders. It will probably draw your weight back a little bit.

Feel free to use a pool noodle for support. You want to be comfortable and stable here. We spend a lot of time in yoga in Mountain pose.

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If you are ready to do Mountain pose in the pool, but want to do it in the context of a full practice sequence, buy my one noodle laminated practice sequence.

card showing aqua yoga sequence including cobra pose that you can buy laminated

This laminated aqua yoga sequence is great for beginners as it’s a gentle aqua yoga sequence for opening your hips, increasing your balance, and building confidence in the pool.

A single aqua yoga pose is not an aqua yoga practice:

If you get in the pool and try one of my how to videos, you might enjoy the one pose like Mountain pose, but then what? It takes some work, support, and guidance to establish an aqua yoga practice. That’s what my aqua yoga online course is about. It’s a one month course that provides you four weeks of resources like aqua yoga videos, audio, workbook, and printed materials plus the support to move your aqua yoga practice into the pool. Join my Intro to Aqua Yoga online course, before it closes July 19th.


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