How to do Triangle Pose in the Pool

womand doing triangle pose in the pool using the pool steps


Directions for how to do Triangle pose in the pool

Start in a wide legged stance.  Turn your toes out on one leg.  Your arms go straight out of your shoulders in a T shape.  Inhale and as you exhale, hinge in your hips on that same side.  Keep both legs straight.  Your arms can stay on the surface of the water or shift to be one above and one below.  Spend a few breaths in the posture.  To come out, lower your arms, turn your toes in and step or heel toe your feet back together.

If you want to try a more demanding variation, repeat the posture with the leading leg on a pool step.  In either variation, try to keep your top shoulder stacked on top of the lower one.  If your top shoulder rolls forward, don’t strain your shoulder by raising it up over head.

You can see it’s called Triangle pose since that’s the shape your legs, and possibly your arms, make while in the posture.


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woman sitting in the waves with a mermaid tail telling you how she'll help you learn triangle pose in the pool



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Woman showing how to do Triangle pose in the pool using the pool steps


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