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How to do Warrior II pose in the pool

This is a tutorial specifically for Warrior II pose. If you’d like more general information about aqua yoga, check out my Ultimate Guide to Aqua Yoga.

Directions for how to do Warrior II pose in the pool with two pool noodles:

Warrior II pose in one of the most common poses we do in yoga. It helps us build strength in our legs, opens up our hips, and learn where our body is in space.

From a parallel foot posture like Mountain pose or Plank pose, bend your right knee and step forward with your right foot. Anchor your right foot to the pool floor, your left heel will be up.

Bring both noodles up to the surface of the water if they aren’t there already. Open your noodles up to be straight out of your shoulder sockets in a T position.

Pivot on the left toes to anchor the left heel. Turn your torso as you do it so your wrists end up positioned above your ankles. If you’re cold and want a more vigorous example, raise both noodles up overhead.

Your right knee is bent in line with your right toes so your right hip, right knee, and right toes are all pointing the same direction.

I hope you’re able to try out Warrior II pose next time you’re in the pool.

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If you liked this aqua yoga Warrior II tutorial, sign up for my free Aqua Yoga Pose Database. It has more than twenty aqua yoga videos including Warrior III, Goddess pose, and floating meditation to add to your practice.

    If you want to practice Warrior II as part a full practice sequence instead of just a single posture, buy my Wall and Steps Sequence which has Warrior II as part of Sun Salutations.

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