September 10


I’m now a Certified Yoga for Arthritis Instructor

yoga for arthritis teacher

I had a wonderful time at Yogaville.  They’re very long days, 15 hours of yoga and meditation is actually a lot of work but very satisfying.


I learned some enjoyable new tricks that I get to apply in class.  For example, in my next restorative class we’ll be making mat sandwiches – a mat, a blanket, a mat, for extra cushion to get bones off the hardwood floor.


My presentation on aqua yoga was well received.

yoga for arthritis instructor

One of my fellow teachers who’s also a PT and used to teach aquatic exercise had never thought about aqua yoga and was really jazzed up about all the possibilities it offered.  Yoga for Arthritis is an evidence based program but unfortunately there’s been no research on aqua yoga so I sing it’s praises but I have no science to back me up, sorry.


yoga for arthritis instructor

And now that I’ve finished my mentorship and done the level II training, I’m officially a Certified Yoga for Arthritis Instructor. Earning that credential and taking the Program Director position provides me with a lot more resources and connections I can leverage to be an even better instructor.

yoga for arthritis instructor

I appreciate the support of my students who allowed me to photograph them in the pool and provided testimonials about aqua yoga for me to use.


Hurricane Hermine rearranged my class schedule completely upon my return but I’m glad to be back in the swing of things.  I’ve reworked my Thursday AM, North Shore Aquatic Center class to focus on arthritis and chronic pain.  Please pass this info on  to anyone you know who could use it.


yoga for arthritis instructor


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