What is Aqua Yoga?

Simple - aqua yoga is yoga in the pool

With aqua yoga, you can achieve all the benefits of a land-based yoga practice without having to get on off the ground, sweat, or join a gym.

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Aqua Yoga Will Help You

Reduce Pain

The buoyancy of the water offloads the weight from sore joints and the water pressure helps turn down your pain responses.

christa fairbrother doing tree pose in the pool

Improve Your Balance

Being supported by the water makes it a really safe environment to challenge your balance, build strength, and body awareness.

woman doing floating meditation with a pool noodle and the pool wall during aqua yoga

Reduce Stress

You know how you say "Ah" and melt when you get in the bath.  Being in the water and doing a floating meditation is so relaxing.

women doing yoga along the pool wall

Have fun

Especially during these times of COVID, we need things to do outside that are fun, help us get fit, and relax.

What if you don't have access to a pool right now?

You can use these resources anywhere you have access to water.  The guided meditation can be used in your bath.  You can use the videos in your friends hot tub.  Your 30 day calendar will help you learn more about aqua yoga for when you can get in the pool again.  

Part of learning a new skill is awareness and education.  You'll get that from these resources immediately.

What Others Say


Provides everything to start aqua yoga journey! Lots of classic poses adapted to water. Option to learn through videos and text.


Aqua Yoga Student


Since I’ve discovered Christa and aqua yoga I have been so happy. The movements are very doable and much more fun in the pool than on land.


Aqua Yoga Student


I love using the noodles, especially the two noodle sequence. I feel more secure with two. Also, the relaxation is divine. I feel like I'm floating in the clouds. I love the videos you do! 


Aqua Yoga Student

Ways to Learn Aqua Yoga With Me:


An online course with immediate access to professional materials so you can learn aqua yoga at your own pace.

woman doing warrior 2 pose in the pool with a pool noodle as aqua yoga for arthritis


Get the benefits of aqua yoga while reducing your arthritis symptoms with this online course.

woman doing childs pose in the pool with two pool noodles

Relax and destress in the pool with restorative aqua yoga, moving meditation, and guided meditations

Aqua Yoga Articles for Beginners

If you've struggled in land yoga classes, then aqua yoga will make yoga possible for you."

The Best Resource for Water Yoga 

Article has tons of useful tips.

woman in the pool doing side plank pose because she's showing the best resource for water yoga

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woman doing dead bug pose in the pool
Christa Fairbrother

Aqua yoga is my focus because it is kind to people's joints and is so accessible. It's an easy way to start a yoga practice, it allows people who've lost a land practice to continue, and challenges people with an active land practice to explore their bodies in new ways.

Christa Fairbrother, MA, ERYT-200/RYT500, ATRIC, AFP, AFAP

Aqua Yoga Specialist

Certified Yoga for Arthritis Instructor 

Certified Accessible Yoga Instructor

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