My Birthday Present to You

birthday present

birthday presentIn case you didn’t know I’m a big Tolkien fan.  Hobbits give presents for their birthdays which I think is a lovely tradition.  Today, Thursday the 10th, is my birthday.  In honor of the day, I’m giving you a birthday present in the form of a discount coupon.  You can buy anything:

…in my online store,

…or any of my online courses,

…INCLUDING the early bird price for my signature Intro to Aqua Yoga course!  Which has expanded content for this season.

for 10% off today only.  Use coupon code:  HOBBITS

This is the first time I’ve offered a discount and it won’t be repeated this year so if you’ve been considering something for yourself, this is a great time.

And in the interest of spreading the birthday presents, for every order, I will also donate $1 to SHE – Sustainable Health Enterprises.  SHE is providing women jobs in Rwanda by localy creating menstrual pads. Almost 20% of girls and women in Rwanda missed school last year because of not being able to afford sanitary napkins.  SHE is working to eliminate this problem we take for granted.

Thankfully I’m not 111 years old but I still have much to celebrate.  Thanks for coming to my party.  “I am immensely fond of you all and I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like.”

Happy Birthday!


I'm a yoga teacher who specializes in making yoga accessible in the pool and on land. I also train and coach other yoga and aquatics professionals in aqua yoga. My teaching style is engaging, responsive, and fun. 

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